Portfolio review of the week March 13th 2010

GW Pharma (GWP) - Very quiet week for GW Pharma on very low trading volumes and share price holding at around £1.00. Continuing to hold sizeable position.

Falkland Islands Oil drillers (Desire Petroleum DES, Falkland Oil and Gas FOGL, Borders and Southern BOR) - The prices of the Falkland Oil explorers continued to drop this week on lack of news causing investor apathy, speculators moving their money elsewhere or  shorters in action. The investment thesis for these shares has not changed since the spudding of the first well in February. Actual results from Desire's drilling prospect on the Liz field in the North Falklands basin is keenly awaited. It is expected that Desire's Ocean Guardian Rig should have an indication of oil/gas finds in the next 1-2 weeks. These shares are a binary bet on what happens on Liz. Either Desire will go to less than 50p or we will see a move several pounds higher its that simple. CFD's with guaranteed stops have been placed on BOR and FOGL to limit any downside.

ITV (ITV) - Again little movement in ITV this week, closing at 52p on lack of any news.

Prudential (PRU) - Short term long position taken in PRU earlier in the week which was closed yesterday as the price moved over £5.50. Contrarian Investor UK likes the PRU Asian story but the surge in the markets on both sides of the Atlantic over the last couple of weeks makes me nervous and I have reluctantly decided to take profits given the move from £5.00 to £5.53 in little less than a week, after the falls from over £6 precipitated by the huge rights issue to fund the AIA acquisition (AIG's Asian unit).

Micron Technology (MU) - After a move up from around $8 to over $10 over the last 2 weeks or so on continued positive sentiment on memory chip prices and consumption levels, I have taken profits in half my position at $10.17. Micron closed last night at $9.97 and I continue to hold 1000 shares.