Planning committee Horsham for UKOG Broadford Bridge extension approved

Planning decision UKOG 12 month extension at Broadford Bridge (September 12th 2017 10am-1pm): Planning permission granted unanimous!

Good presentation from Christ Bartlett, Head of planning for West Sussex Council for UKOG Broadford Bridge planning extension. The planning department were informed August 25th 2017 that flow testing was planned to be started, UKOG need to give 7 days notice. According to Bartlett, flow testing was imminent, in contrast to had started which was in the planning extension document. 

Issues about water and environment addressed by Ecology officers report and Environmental Agency. Emergency plan approved by Health and Safety Exec.

Allegations of operations out of hours being looked at by planning enforcement. 24 hours operations during drilling allowed. Oil spillage on road, matter outside of planning process, to be flagged to highways department.

Lighting condition added to approval to to minimise effects on adjacent wild life, standard condition proposed by planning team and needs to be submitted within 1 month. 

Photo of well head Christmas Tree installed and flaring kit being fitted.

Photo of well head Christmas Tree installed and flaring kit being fitted.

Enclosed flare.

Enclosed flare.

Highlights of 2 out of the 6 speeches (3 pro, 3 anti):

Matt Cartwright UKOG COO (nervous presenter), planning permission 2013, end 2014 construction site finished. Long delay due to change in operator. 7 months of operational activity out of 36 months originally approved - construction and drilling. Phase 3 and 4 are exactly same as 2013. Either restoration or retain the site depending on well results. Two visits to site by compliance officer, both no issues. Share future revenues through business rates and local payment. Export by rail and pipeline to nearby railway junction will be proposed. Shrouded flare, environmentally friendly drilling fluids, site is fully sealed with membrane, bespoke mitigation measures. 200 people have visited site including 140 local residents. 

Stephen Sanderson UKOG (very good presenter), Industry leading , British made environmentally friendly drilling liquids. Same as used for UK drinking water well drilling. Statutory consultees have all endorsed. No fracking. Low visual impact, safe environmental materials, local royalty payment. Sufficient time to complete flow testing to establish commercial potential. 

Transcript of Sanderson speech to planning committee

My name is Steven Sanderson and I'm a petroleum geologist of 38 years standing, I'm also the
Executive chairman of UK Oil and Gas investments PLC and also a director of Kimmeridge oil and gas limited., a wholly owned subsidiary operating this development.

Firstly, I'd like to thank the council’s planning officers for producing such a very thorough and balanced committee report and for their recommendation to grant an extension to enable the flow testing phase to be completed as originally planned. As a locally based company employing many weald residents, myself included we have demonstrated throughout our operations that we are as committed to safeguarding our local
environment as any of our detractors.

The design of our drilling programme is one such example, as a matter of social responsibility we chose to use an industry leading, British made non-toxic biodegradable drilling fluid that ensures our wells are drilled to the same or better environmental standard as public drinking water supply wells. located in the UK's chalk and limestone aquifers. As you saw on your site visit the drilling phase has been completed safely without incident and in full compliance with the necessary permissions of all regulators including West Sussex County Council.

During operations, we have demonstrated a strong and compliant relationship with regulators, particularly the Environment Agency, who incidentally have made some six snap site inspections in which we have been found to be fully compliant in all areas.
You'll also note that no statutory consultees have objected to this application further underscoring the company's good conduct and safe practices. We are also justly proud of our public engagement record throughout this project. The team including myself has explained our operations and environmental practices to over 200 persons including 140 local residents, MP's, Parish and county councillors, media and investors, hopefully dispelling the many and unsubstantiated myths and general scaremongering promulgated by a small minority and crucially demonstrating that we strive to be good neighbours, be open and transparent and are at the forefront of industry best practices and environmental safeguards.

You have my full assurance that we will continue the level of positive engagement throughout the remainder of the flow testing phase. Our goal is to be your long-term partner and neighbour. While we are very environmentally conscious and respectful, we are also pragmatists, realising until new technologies emerge we require oil to provide the essential chemical feedstocks that support industry, the plastics enable our everyday lives and to fuel our land, sea and air transportation. This is why national energy policy recognises the role of oil and gas to be vital to the UK's future prosperity and the rationale behind the kind of work we are doing at the Broadford Bridge site. Consequently, there is a significant wider aspect to this application that merits your serious consideration, simply put, the well results today provide proof that our geological concept that Broadford Bridge and the Horse Hill oil discovery some 30 kilometres apart lie within the same regionally extensive and nationally significant continuous oil accumulation, the first of its kind recognised in the UK.

Given the decline in North Sea oil production which will see our dependence
on imported oil almost double in the next 12 years to over 65% of our predicted demand, the volume of oil that could potentially extracted conventionally from this deposit without fracking is therefore of national significance. Extraction from low visual impact sites  such as Broadford  Bridge, using environmentally safe practices could therefor bring
significant tax revenues to UK plc and directly to the local area via our proposed community royalty. This is also why national planning policy calls on you as decision makers to attribute great weight to the benefits of such successful exploration work can unlock. Consequently, this application simply requests sufficient time to complete the wells flow testing programme to establish the commercial viability of this well, something that is in both the national and local interest and that your planning officers have endorsed. Thank you very much for your attention.