2017 stock market performance review - quite a year!

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Happy New Year readers!

Driven by strong economic growth, Trump tax cut euphoria and growing corporate profits 2017 was an exceptional year for U.S. stock market investors. 

The FTSE All-World index advanced nearly 22 per cent during 2017, its biggest gain since  the post financial crisis year of 2009 and its fourth-best yearly performance since the benchmark started in 1993. It also had 14 straight months of gains — the longest run on record.

For the first time in its history, the S&P 500 produced positive returns every calendar month of 2017 with dividends included.

The UK’s FTSE 100 finished at a record high of 7,688, a rise of 5% in December but a lowly 8% for the year. But in dollar terms,  index has gained over 17% in 2017.

2017 U.S. stock market performance

S&P 500 +19.4%

Nasdaq rose +28.2%

Dow Jones Industrial Average +25.1%

Dow Jones all time high events by year
Dow Jones Industrials Top ten performers 2017
Dow Jones Industrials Top ten worst performers 2017

2017 U.K. stock market performance

FTSE 100 +8%

FTSE ALL share + 6.6%

2017 Asia stock market performance

Japan Nikkei 225 +19.1%

China Shanghai Composite +6.8%

Hong Kong Hang Seng +36%