UKOG update October 8th 2019 - RNS ops update Horse Hill - all looking good

All looking good at Horse Hill for UKOG (85.6%) and Alba (11% share).

Following the completion of the 12¼" diameter hole section in its Horse Hill-2 ("HH-2") Portland pilot well, 9⅝" casing has been set and cemented into position from surface to 2,019 ft below rig floor. After setting and testing blow out preventers, expected to be completed today, the well will drill a short section of 8½" diameter hole down to the coring point, where three 60 ft cores are planned through the oil-bearing Portland reservoir.

Following the coring programme, designed primarily to acquire key technical data that will ensure the 1000m HH-2z horizontal section is correctly positioned within the Portland's most oil-productive zone, the well will drill ahead to total depth, be electric logged and then plugged back to the "kick-off" point, delineating the start of HH-2z's planned 1000m horizontal trajectory. HH-2z will follow directly afterwards.

Stephen Sanderson, UKOG's Chief Executive, commented:

 "The HH-2 pilot continues on schedule and according to plan. We look forward to the imminent coring programme, the data from which will ensure the HH-2z horizontal is optimally positioned within the reservoir, a key step towards  delivering flow rates significantly in excess of the HH-1 vertical discovery well."