brexit deal october 10 2019

Pound jumps against major currencies as Brexit deal may be possible after all - pathway

£ S Ocboner 10 2019

Doom and gloom about Brexit yesterday but looks like a glimmer of hope this evening

Leo Varadkar says withdrawal agreement is "possible" by end of October. "It it is possible to come to an agreement to have a treaty agreed to allow the UK to leave the EU in an orderly fashion and to have that done by the end of October. " Pathway to possible deal according to Boris and Varadkar but is it bullshit?

So all depends on EU commission, other EU member states and Barnier. It would be such a relief if after 3 years, Brexit in an orderly fashion could just happen. At least now cautious optimism that the Irish backstop issue can be solved. By October 17, EU meeting, going to be tricky but a crash out without a deal looks a little less likely tonight.

Good for banks, housing, economically sensitive sectors. Some good trading ops in these and all currencies £ vs $, CHF, euro, yen etc